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We are a design and liquid communication agency, where we design 3.0 websites by creating our own spaces in the Metaverse. To do so, we integrate professional external teams from disciplines such as architecture, interior design and art.

Carbon Project is an architectural complex placed in Spatial, and it is designed and developed by You Media. This project is composed by three complementary buildings which are connected between them by portals and so they become one metaversal space. The singularity and functionality of these spaces turn out to three independent habitability solutions.

Today, Carbon Project is our virtual agency headquarters and also a group of templates that we replicate, customize and adjust to our clients’ corporate brands.

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Software: Spatial
Hardware: Meta Quest, tablet, smartphone, desktop device.

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Carbon Project

It is a project that includes three differentiated spaces: a hangar, a bunker and a box; exclusively designed for their habitability in the Metaverse.

These three places are inspired in pieces of coal that lead to black compact carved sculptures, with a rhomboid shape in plan. All of these spaces are floating in space and are structurally built by walls and wrought reinforced concrete walls.

The ambient lighting is considered through LED lines at joints between floors, walls and ceilings.

The furniture designed for these buildings is based on steel structures lacquered in black or corten steel and textile surfaces in earthy tones.

Likewise, some of the elements found in them -benches, sculptures, swing- are exclusive designs by the artist and designer Verónica Mar.



This main space itself includes work, exhibition and relationship rooms as well as a lobby and a terrace with views to the outside. Therefore, it is an ideal multidisciplinary hangar to respond to most of the needs that a company or a project may require when carrying out its activity in the Metaverse.




Bunker is an auditorium designed for holding events and conferences. The space is divided into two areas: a reception area or meeting hall with a photocall and a room with a capacity for 50 seats facing a large stage. On the stage there is a screen to project presentations in different formats.




Professional office in which to work more intimately; alone or with collaborators. Ideal for interviews, meetings or small gatherings. The space has a large office area that allows different ways of approaching the room, as well as an annex for meetings with two black glass whiteboards where you can hang post-its, plans or work material.




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